Sunglasses for Golfers

Scheyden Precision Eyewear known for its comfort and quality can also be used on the golf course. The hat friendly temples are designed for all-day comfort. We recommend the non-polarized lenses for better ability to read the greens.
Our lenses are designed for optical clarity and should not be considered “protective” eyewear.

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Though we offer two lens tints in both neutral gray and high contrast bronze, we do recommend the bronze lens as it allows for a bit more light transmission which can be helpful when striking a golf ball in the shadows of trees.

High Contrast Bronze Lens
Neutral Grey Lens


The Scheyden Precision Eyewear Collection is engineered to aerospace like tolerances. It is manufactured in the small community of Fukui, Japan, renowned for producing some of the finest eyewear in the world. They are available in Fixed Gear Titanium, full wrap Fixed Gear Hybrids, and Titanium Dual Rx Flip-Ups. Options include non-polarized or polarized, mineral glass or CR-39 composite lenses. Both lenses feature a multi-layer coating process that produces superior optical clarity and comfort. Prescription Rx lenses are available upon request.

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